March 2015

Big Island Ukulele Guild
Minutes of March meeting 03/14/2015

Aloha BIUG members. We had a good guild meeting at Tom Russell’s Kona shop this past Saturday. Here are the highlights.

 Attending members displayed awe at Tom’s neat as a pin shop. I’ll be cleaning my ‘shop’ after writing this! Mahalo for a great gathering spot Tom.

 Treasurer Tom delivered the guild’s financial report – largely healthy, but we’re down a bit in renewal memberships this year (about 12). If you haven’t paid your dues this year – now’s the time.  To verify your membership status, please review the BIUG MEMBERSHIP LIST.  

Tom also spoke about the March 28th builders’ workshop to make radius sanding dishes and a reprise of the mini-thickness sander project, in case you missed that previous workshop. Once again, it will be at Tom’s shop. Final details will be sent from Tom shortly.

He also discussed an interesting product that may be of interest to fellow guild members.  To assist in fin pyrography design and application, he talked about “Stick ’N’ Burn”; a very thin film self-sticking transparancy for ink-jet printers that allows wood-burning along a printed design without the film burning away.  Makes adding intricate designs onto headstocks, etc, very straight-forward.  

 During show and tell, Tom Parse showed off a spectacular tenor uke with a Sugi pine and koa sides and back.

 Chris Stewart brought his in-progress solid body lap steel guitar project.

 BIUG President Woodley White offered an amazing demo of handcrafted rope rosettes. Starting with thin strips of contrasting wood, he glued them together into a great looking herringbone style rosette. 

The next meeting will be Saturday, June 6th. Location and details to come.


Wailea Show Prep Report

I gave an update of show preparations to the members who were in attendance at yesterday's guild meeting at Tom Russell’s.  Below is the same in brief for those who could not attend.

  • Summary
    • Intake and set up at Wailoa Center is Tuesday, Sept. 28th. Please try to have uke's there by noon if possible, at least by 3pm at the latest. (Kona side uke drop off at Sam's By Monday Oct. 27th.) (Contact Brian Luker or Mike Purdue if you need to drop of your uke on Hilo side prior to intake day)
    • Opening Night reception is Friday, Oct. 2nd 5-8pm
    • 1st Kanikapila Saturday Oct. 10th 12-3pm
    • Building demonstrations Saturday Oct. 17th 12-3pm
    • 2nd Kanikapila Saturday Oct. 24th 12-3pm
    • Last day of show Thurs. Oct. 29th
    • Take down of all uke's and displays Friday Oct. 30th
  • The Wailoa Center has invited the Woodworkers Guild to display some of their work alongside our instruments during the show as they have done in the past.  Wood Turners Guild has a separate show and will not participate as previously discussed.
  • Alan Hale will provide musical entertainment opening night.
  • The group decided that we would put up a table with static building display items to remain in place throughout the show. (Tools, jigs, forms, etc...)
  • The possibility of having a locked display case for vintage uke display was discussed and tabled unless someone can provide the case needed.
  • Artwork for the new poster / fliers will be generated by member Rodney Crusat's wife Kandace and submitted to guild for final approval.
  • The group voted to enlist Lea Gleason again this year to handle advertising for the show.
  • Mike Purdue is investigating the opportunity to have another coffee shop event at Shark's in Hilo on the Friday before the show.
  • We are still discussing the feasibility of having a sound demonstration of different uke's sometime during the show.
  • We also discussed the People's Choice and Artist's Choice Awards format. Many ideas were brought up. More discussion will be had at the June meeting.
  • During the get togethers last month on Hilo and Kona sides, and yesterday's BIUG meeting, many members stepped up to take positions to help out during the show:
    • Intake and set up - Mike, Woodley, Brian, Tom
    • Set up Opening Night - Jenna, Chris, Terry, Gary
    • Food delivery opening night - Chris
    • Food service and clean up opening night - Gary, Terry, Jenna
    • 1st Kanikapila Oct. 10th - Alan Hale
    • Building demonstration Oct. 17th - Woodley, Mike, Jenna
    • 2nd Kanikapila Oct. 24th - Still open for leader
    • Tear down end of show - Mike, Woodley, Brian.
    • Program and display cards -Tom
    • Static displays - Chris
    • Poster art - Kandace Crusat (Rodney)

Thank you to all who are able to step up and assist with all of this.  I know more folks voiced their willingness to help out as well. There will be plenty to do so if you would like to volunteer for a little while during the show please let me know.

We also discussed electing next years show coordinator in advance so this person could shadow this years show preparations in advance and have a better idea of what will need to be done. If you are interested in possibly taking this position let me or a Guild Officer know. It is a lot to do but really fun.

Last but not least we are tallying up uke commitments for the show. So far we have the following:

  • Gary Cassel 1-2
  • Woodley White 2
  • Chris Stewart 1-2
  • Dave Stokes 2

Let me know what your willing to commit to. We need 40-50 instruments to fill the space and make the show a success.

Thanks again for your support,


Chris Stewart, BIUG Secretary 

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