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Members share their favorite jigs to build below.  Also check out the BIUG Workshop pages that has plans, design notes and photos from our Workshops.

  • Temp Controller
  • Mini-Thickness Sander - BIUG Workshop #1 photos, design notes and commentary from the event
  •  Wood Drying Kiln - A creative project to use household items to make a wood-drying “kiln”.  Photo captions provide build guidance.
  • Radius Dish - BIUG Workshop #2 photos and commentary. The photos may inspire you!  Contact Tom Russell if interested in making this Luthier’s Jig to radius ukulele backs. 
  • Silly Little Saddle Radius Jig - Not much more to say
  • Neck Mortise and Tenoning Jig
  • Cut List Optimizer - A nice tool that calculates how to cut sheet goods to maximize use for your next jig.
  • Kerfing Jig - Tom Parse recently sent me a video of his recently created kerfing jig.  He created it using parts from around the shop.  Nice!  Maybe this could be a workshop item? Check out the video of the jig in action.

Links to articles and websites highlighting specific areas of building   

Bob Gleason of Pegasus Guitars has a nice set of articles on making & shaping kerfing and bending perfling and bindings.  

Spalting your own wood - 

StewMac Videos - 

LMII Videos A very nice collection of videos from LMI offer everything from setting up bandsaws to spray finishing.  

Building Supplies 

Check out our favorite places for kits, plans, tools, wood and all things necessary to build your own ukulele on our LINKS page under Supplies & Suppliers.

Learn to Build an Ukulele  

Did you see the photo essay and are now itching to start your own ukulele?  Well, check out the classes on the Big Island that offer instruction for building your own ukulele!

Sam Rosen Offers 10-week classes on building a Tenor ukulele led by BIUG mmeber Sam Rosen.  Please contact Sam directly at the Holualoa Ukulele Gallery for information on upcoming classes

Kona Community School for Adults  808-327-4692. Guy Sasaki also teaches a 10-week course at Kealakehe High School.  Classes typically fill up in one or two days.  See a short video on his class on YouTube.

One-on-One instruction Not on the island long? San Rosen also offers an intense two-week course in building an ukulele.  Contact Sam at the Holualoa Ukulele Gallery.

Ukulele Building Photo Essay

Next batch of tenors

A photo essay on building a ukelele coutesy of some of our own BIUG members!  Check back often as, just like an ukulele, it's a work in progress.  Click on the picture at left to see why we're all hooked on building these fine instruments.

A big Mahalo to Crist Pung and Leo Kostchella for their photos.


Ukulele Building Video Essay

The Pohaku Ukulele Video is a film about Peter Hurney- luthier, artist, and craftsman of Berkeley California- and his ukulele workshop. This film follows Peter making a soprano ukulele from start to finish, set to a score by the fabulous ukulele player and composer Steven Strauss.  Also, check out his website at:

Learn to Build an Ukulele - YouTube Videos

These YouTube videos are just some we found that might be of interest.  While we within the BIUG don't nescessarily build ukulele's in the manner depicted, it does illustrate the major steps in building your own.  

Ukulele Design & Building w/ Master Luthier Ron Saul

Ukulele Crafting with island-local Guy Sasaki

Making an Ukulele with Stephan McLean

Making an Ukulele with Matthias Wandel (13-part series).

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