Silly Little Saddle Radius Jigs

Tom Russell’s Saddle “Jig”


This is probably a silly one but it worked for me.  I wanted to crown the saddle smoothly and evenly.  Tom Parse told me about the razor trick but wanted to try something else.  Came up with this.

After drawing a line along the face of a 2x4, I drilled a couple of holes centered on that line with a brad point bit.  Then sanded the end down to the line forming a series of half-round gullies.  I slipped a piece of 600 grit sandpaper (very thin, btw) and simply sanded the saddle to a perfect crown.  A neat “feature” is you know when the top of the saddle has been crowned when there’s saddle residue in the center of the sandpaper.  You can also use different sized bits to change the crown drop off (arc length).  No surprise but it took the bit of buzz I had on 1 string clean away.

Did I just reinvent the wheel? :)


Saddle crown scraper

Chris Stewart’s Saddle “Jig”

And those of us who are just plain lazy, here's my saddle crown 'jig' - one old utility knife blade

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