Neck Mortise & Tenoning Jig

Ten builders assembled recently for the most complicated workshop the guild has ever hosted. The goal: build a tenon and mortising jig for the accurate joining of ukulele necks and bodies.  The jig featured a unique angle compensation mechanism to easily add a negative angle to the neck or remove any angle discrepancies (never happens 😉) between the neck and body.  

The one-day event at Tom Russell’s Kona workshop became two days, but the builders bravely soldiered on, created buddy systems, glued and screwed, drilled and routed, clamped and hammered. 

Finally, the collaborative enterprise was finished and each participant completed a good-looking jig. Congratulations to everyone involved!

The plans are a modified version from Robert O’Brien.  If you are interested in a set of modifications and a set of the mortise/tenon templates, contact Tom Russell.  Click HERE to see the photos in a larger format.

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