Radius Jig 

Aloha BIUG members. We had a good turnout at last weekend’s radius dish workshop in Tom Russell’s Kona shop.

Participating in the workshop were Rodney Crusat, Terry Davis, Tad Humble, Roger Johnson, Leo Koschella, Billy Ralph, Sam Rosen, Claudia Suen, Tom Russell, Chris Stewart and Jenna Yanagi. 

The original 15-foot radius dish jig came from Dann (Dr. Jigs) Roark, who left it in the care of Leo when Dann moved back to the mainland. Unfortunately, the jig was badly damaged by termites, so Tom and Leo cobbled together a new version with new and old parts. 

In spite of some challenges and occasional exciting moments with the massive Porter Cable router, we all successfully produced at least one 15-foot radius dish. 

Several builders also made one or more of our previous projects – either the brace carving bench dog jig or the mini-thickness sander.

The next meeting will be Saturday, June 6th. Location and details still to come, but we are looking for a Hilo-side location.

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