June 2015

Big Island Ukulele Guild
Minutes of June meeting 06/06/2015

Aloha BIUG members. We had a spill-over crowd of nearly 30 members and guests during the June 6th meeting at Woodley White’s home and shop – once again the southern-most gathering of ukulele builders in the the United States. 

Dave Stokes, our Wailoa Center exhibit chairman, was unable to attend, but Woodley read an update from Dave regarding the October show in Hilo, including a good count of instruments for the show, but we can always use more. More details to come. 

Gary Cassel talked about our instrument display during the annual Waimea 'Ukulele & Slack Key Guitar Institute event. The ‘art ukulele’ exhibit will not be repeated this year, so we will have both wings of the theater for our displays. Again, details to come.

Treasurer Tom Russell reported the guild to be in good financial health and we have added new members as well. 

Tom announced our latest builders workshop, which is a mortise and tenon jig for attaching ukulele necks. The workshop is scheduled for July 11th in his Kona shop. 

Tom also revealed a grain filling technique he learned from fellow builder Tom Parse. Using joint compound mixed with a bit of dark pigment, Tom produced a wonderful smooth finish on the sample of koa that he brought for the show and tell. 

Jenna Yanagi displayed the first ukulele she has sold. A beautiful effort in koa. 

Claudia Suen brought two of ukuleles featuring her artistic efforts. 

New member Spike Blaine showed off his accoustic lap steel, complete with resonator. 

Mike Perdue demonstrated a display hanger that would allow visitors to our exhibits to rotate ukuleles without touching them. Mike also announced that his Lilinoe Lifestyle Showroom is now open in Hilo. More details on our BIUG website. 

Rodney Crusat’s wife Kandice has been working to put the final touches on our exhibit poster. Mahalo nui loa to Kandice for her enthusiastic efforts.

After a lunch break, members crowded in Woodley’s shop to hear from

Tom Harper and Pat McGowan, two mainland guitar builders. Tom discussed bracing differences between flamenco and classical guitars and how they might apply to the ukulele. You can visit Thomas Harper Guitars at http://www.harperguitars.net/index.html

Pat McGowan is a graduate of the College of the Redwoods Furniture School and shared his exacting method of sharpening plane blades and chisels. He maintains a blog at: http://patmegowan.com/

Chris Stewart, BIUG Secretary 

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