Workshop 5 - Intro to Inlay

Headstock art by Crist View from the cheap seats Crist does shadow puppets Koi headstocks
Crist uses an Exacto knife to cut out pattern pieces Crist's cuts up a pattern Attendees watch screen as Crist cuts inlay Crist cuts Corian
Close-up as Crist cuts inlay Crist cuts out a koi fish pattern Blue Koi The attendees try their hand at inlay
Visitor Paul Akasawa (L) and Sam Rosen examine some of Crist's work Tad Humble cuts Corian Inlay material samples Lewis Draxlir takes a look
Paper patterns glued to old scrapers Leo Koschella with his cutting jig Leo Koschella and Don Wakal buddy up Inlay examples
Koi on headstock Another beautiful headstock by Crist