Wood Kiln

IMG 6529  Here is a project to dry your prepared ukulele wood in a fraction of the time it would take to dry naturally.  I used an old cooler.  Other options include a wooden box lined  with styrofoam or an old freezers or refrigerators. IMG 6530  Parts include the box, a light for the heat source and a fan to push the air around.  Any fan would do but a computer muffin (case) fan to be ideal.  These are available for under $10.  A box fan would be mounted in the side wall of the box near the bottom. IMG 6534  I have used as the heat source a 60 watt small spot light (not halogen!).  Any old type incandescent bulb would work, the new type bulbs do not generate enough heat. IMG 6533  Some have suggested the heating element from a slow cooker, but for the size of my cooler I think it got a little too warm.  90 to 100 degrees is apparently the ideal range. The slats keep the wood elevated off the bottom.
IMG 6531  Add holes to the top to allow the heat to escape. IMG 6532  Loaded up and ready to dry! I resaw the wood to 3/16ths using stickering to all ow airflow beteen the pieces.   The wood will go from 20% moisture to 6 or 7% in 3-4 days.  This chest supports 30 inch lengths but 20 inches in a smaller cooler would be  all that is necessary for making ukulele. Enjoy!